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Black Diamond Elementary
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Welcome to Black Diamond Elementary, “a thinking and sharing community that inspires learning .” Thank you to our communities of Black Diamond and Enumclaw for making our dream come true. Our hearts are truly overflowing with gratitude and joy.

Black Diamond Elementary is part of the Enumclaw School District. We are truly blessed to be part of an amazing district that is dedicated to ensuring the equity of all students achieving at high levels. The leadership and staff at Black Diamond Elementary are a team of dedicated professionals who seek research-based practices to ensure high levels of learning for all students.

As a staff, we meet weekly in professional learning teams to address student learning, review data and plan strategies to support the academic, behavioral and attendance needs of all our students so they can successfully meet standards. We work continuously to improve instruction, school climate and supplemental services to students. We believe each student benefits most from a strong classroom teacher who has a variety of instructional strategies to meet student's individual needs. Supplemental services to students needing extra support are provided through Federal Special Education funding, State LAP and Title I grants, and the District-wide Highly Capable program. Black Diamond Elementary is grateful to have a full-time counselor who spends time with students teaching social skills as well as well as themes from the Washington State counseling framework. With family permission, he also meets with small groups of students around topics such as family changes, social and emotional skills and friendship skills.

Black Diamond Elementary has enjoyed and benefited from the strong tradition of family and community support. We appreciate and value the dedicated and committed volunteers who are in our school each day and the generous support of our PTA, which has provided countless gestures of support including the sponsorship of several family nights each year, special assemblies and special events for our students, and support for classroom teachers.

We invite you to join us in partnership as we make each and every day a positive and rewarding learning experience for each and every one of our students. Together, we can make a difference.

We welcome your open and honest feedback. Feedback is accepted face-to-face, written, or electronically. Please send written and electronic information to the school building's main office or to the District office. We also offer a variety of committees that parents and citizens can participate in.

Black Diamond Elementary School
25314 Baker Street
Black Diamond, WA 98010
office: 360.802.7570
fax: 360.802.7572
Principal: Timothy Lee

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